Cancun Cruz & Tex-ASS…

February 18th, 2021

We’ve Lost 504, 724 citizens to This

COVID Pandemic. It’s Heartbreaking


and Makes Us ALL “Fight” that much

more to combat it, we can contain it

We will. But what can’t be “Fixed” or

ever Saved is what’s even left of the

Republican Party. With TX, in ‘Crisis’,

Turd Cruz decided “I think Now’d be

a great time to take a vacation while

the Folks in TX are freezing to Death

& Still Have No Power. And When he

was CLEARLY Busted, Doing Nothing


to help/use his Office to AID all the

good people of TX; he did what any

adult man would do; he blamed his

daughters. WTF?! Forget, he clearly

lied cause he packed…for One week

He IS the entire Republican Party in

every possible Way: “Elect me, So I

can destroy ‘Gumberment’ & Simply

Do NOTHING, To Help Your Lives In

any Meaningful Way”. While He was


skipping Out of Town, the rest Of TX

Almost Went Under For good. These

people are Actual monsters, vote em

all out, never never never ever again

NOTE: NASA Did Today What NASA Does, Just
Really Cool Amazing Rover Landing…..On Mars

Have A “Safe” Day!


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