Papa Joe, had A Town Hall last night

& it was refreshing to have an actual

(Let’s Work!)

adult as President for Once. It had a

“Oh yeah so that’s what it looks like”

vibe to it. Speakin of utter fuck-ups

lack Of Republican Leadership In TX

has Caused Everythin from: “Oh we

think It’s green energy“(it’s not, it’s

Actually GAS/Coal That’s The Issue)

to “Welp, We Owe you Nuthing, just

fend For Yourself Fuckers!”. Ya think

I’m Kidding? Well Listen To R-Moron


Mayor Tim “I’m a super prick” Boyd

who said it…….& then promptly quit

Citizens who Demand Basic Human

needs aren’t havin it R’s on the run

In fact; voters, Citizens and Texans

Aren’t “Having it”. Nothing Dumber

then fucking Everything up yourself

trying to Blame others for your Own

Massive Irrational Mistakes. So, the

entire Republican Party left Standin’

(Bye Bye!)

today just had the best Metaphor In

an Atlantic Casino Getting imploded

NOTE: Republican Moron Says “We Didn’t Send
Toomey To DC To do The Right Thing!”. WTF?!?
Dead: The hateful racist spewin monster known
Rush Limbaugh’s dead No songs, no stories, no
Nothing for loud hateful racist spewin pile of shit
when people die ya don’t forget their racist hate

Have A “Safe” Day!


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