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The Shit Show & They Done…

February 12th, 2021

COVID is Subsiding; But We have so much HARD Work yet left to do. And (We Know) we don’t fear hard work to fix things in America. And, while That Is going well For Us; The Republican Party is Dying, Right Before Our Eyes. There WAS no impeachment defense at all In Fact; it was […]

COVID Had A Break-Thru! It Seems We Will Have Vaccines 4 All By April (Super Fauc!) On day Three, of this Impeachment Trial; The House Management team Placed, The Entire Republican Party in a hand crafted coffin of their own “makin’”. Raskin, Neguse, Joaquin, Dean, Plaskett, Swalwell,  Cicilline, DeGette, & Lieu Were ALL Amazing They […]

We Are Fighting A Pandemic, With Every thing we have, an Economic crisis In our (They Were!) nation & violent domestic terrorism from a Political Party who Votes to Allow it. It will Not Stand. Today in the Trial of That January 6th Terror Attack On Our Nation Today’s sobering, factual recount & that is […]

This was not An “Opening statement” today. This was House Impeachment (The Defenders!) Mangers Laying Out And showing the facts, fully explained our constitution the law & reality itself. The “Footage” was Gutwrenching. It Should be seen again & again & again just so it never HAPPENS Again. It’s An Open, & Shut Case. No […]

We have lost 475,950 people to a virus That Should Have Been Contained Long (Wrong Vaccine) ago; but puttin’ cloth on our faces was too Much for Us to do. Let Alone really anything. We are Working Together to contain This. It, is, Working. But What is not; the entire Republican party and it’s goin […]

RELIEF, Links & Stinks…

February 5th, 2021

(Said like MLK Speech, as an homage) COVID relief has passed, COVID relief Has Passed, Thank God Almighty, this (Wise Man!) COVID Relief Passed! About time And It means Everythin’ to Americans who were hangin on by a tiny thread. This was a BIG deal. Speakin’ of a big deal the FBI/CIA/Clandestine agencies are ALL […]


February 4th, 2021

Today the Numbers are Going Down but the carnage Is still extreme. The (We can win) total dead in America Is 465,806 & we will Never forget this. Ever. This is Etched In History and our Hearts break. We will lose more & that will hurt even More. But, There is Hope We Are beatin’ […]

During a pandemic, economic collapse, joblessness & social injustice……maybe (Bye) it’s not the Best Time to be the richest guy running the company that literally Owns EVERYTHING. It’s Sorta Bad For “branding” let’s say. Right?! So, he, is “steppin down” to rebrand their entire empire of control; they’ll still do all the same shit; just […]

COVID, Consequences & Chaos…

February 2nd, 2021

As COVID still rages, the number ARE coming Down/Under Mild Control And (It’s Working!) THAT is a great thing. Doesn’t mean a thing until we have more “vaccines” in more Arms, Fast. We’ve Lost 457,738 in America. That’s Horrific. There, Is A “hope” under this new Leadership of a base Accountability for once. Wheeew Where […]

BHM, Nobel-Time & Removal…

February 1st, 2021

It Is, Black History Month! And Yet, it’s the shortest month of all. What the hell (2021) Is up With That?!?! Learn all about our rich history In America thru the lens of African Americans. But, What, Is MOST important; is always learnin’ history so we Don’t Repeat it (COUGH) the WWII Nazi’s, (COUGH) Republicans […]

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