COVID Had A Break-Thru! It Seems

We Will Have Vaccines 4 All By April

(Super Fauc!)

On day Three, of this Impeachment

Trial; The House Management team

Placed, The Entire Republican Party

in a hand crafted coffin of their own

“makin'”. Raskin, Neguse, Joaquin,

Dean, Plaskett, SwalwellCicilline,

DeGette, & Lieu Were ALL Amazing

They Presented Time-lines, Facts, &

undeniable Visual reality that easily

Confirmed All The Charges. It is SO


Air-tight, They Had Such Additional

time left they already preemptively

shattered any 1st amendment crap,

any Non-linkage to the incited coup

In fact, There will BE no Defense In

this. Because There is None. In fact,

Tomorrow’ll Be, An Utter Shit Show

They’ll Rest, VERY Early, & Be Done

And then, the Republican party Will

Decide What it is. If They Convict it

(They Agree?)

will Split Votes in half dying Losing

that Q Hatewing. If, they Acquit, it

will split in half dying over the next

Two Election Cycles. The Earth Has

moved under magas feet; they will

ALL Be Politically & Mathematically

unelectable. They ‘Locked in’ these

inevitable conclusions……..long ago

NOTE: A judge Denies Lawyers Requests To
Up Kyle, “The Murders”, Bail & Rearrest Him
Gee, emboldening a criminal racist white kid
Should End Well. Ahhhhhhhh, He’ll, Do More
NOTE II: Biden dismantles Orange Monsters
Medicaid Work Rules “Building”, On The ACA

Have A “Safe” Day!

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