BHM, Nobel-Time & Removal…

February 1st, 2021

It Is, Black History Month! And Yet, it’s

the shortest month of all. What the hell


Is up With That?!?! Learn all about our

rich history In America thru the lens of

African Americans. But, What, Is MOST

important; is always learnin’ history so

we Don’t Repeat it (COUGH) the WWII

Nazi’s, (COUGH) Republicans Today In

America. Speaking Of “Making History”

GAs Superstar Stacy Abrams has been

nominated for the Nobel Prize. Yay the

(Did it!)

world’s watching. And the R-Trumpers

are still racisting/terrorizing. This Will

not STAND. And There are A Lot More

These “Monsters”, Serving in Congress

must be held accountable, face severe

consequences & those who helped the

terrorists; Be Removed! MTG, Hawley,

Cruz, Scott, Tuberville & More. This Is

as serious as it gets; the consequences

will be Dire. So now, until every Single

Republican: A) Publicly States The Big

(No More!)

Lie was Wrong/makes amends, B) call

out the Republican Party’s enabling of

the terrorist Events & CHANGE. For if

they keep on spewing the same racist,

Fascist terrorism, It’ll keep happening

THAT is Terrorism. That, is against us

When you stand with orange ass, you

Stand with The Jan 6th Terrorists. NO

way to ever decouple that hate……ever

RIP: Dustin Diamond, AKA Saved By The Bells
“Screech”, is Dead, At The Age Of 44. He Died
From Lung Cancer. That, Is So Very Sad. Booo

Have A “Safe” Day!


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