We have lost 475,950 people to a virus

That Should Have Been Contained Long

(Wrong Vaccine)

ago; but puttin’ cloth on our faces was

too Much for Us to do. Let Alone really

anything. We are Working Together to

contain This. It, is, Working. But What

is not; the entire Republican party and

it’s goin to get worse, ugly & will bring

about their Demise. This trial Will just

expose what has Been there the entire

time With Republican’s. They, Do, Not,

Fucking Care. Not about America, their


oath, The Constitution, law, or Reality

This Is History. And, this is Not About

politics. It is about Holding A terrorist

Attack & Those Who ALL Intentionally

committed Acts of Horror Accountable

What this Does, is Finally Put them on

the record, forever. What will come to

light, most is already known; BUT will

look even worse with every second. In

no uncertain terms, A vote to acquit is


Openly “Siding” with Anti-Democracy

Anti-Government Terrorism. It is Not

just a vote. It’s a declaration of intent

Either you stand WITH Democracy or

Directly Against it. Make No Mistakes

here; this Racist fascist Terrorist Base

has All been Around/Stoked since the

1960’s when the party’s switched over

Civil Rights. If they stay, they die and

if they leave they die. The die was cast

(We Know)

from Hate long Ago. You’re seein’ the

End That Was Decades in The Making

Nowhere to run, No Escape. Tick tock

NOTE: Republican’s Are Dropping Like Flies And
More will be Falling each day. They know What’s
coming In this trial. And all the damage they did
will fully be on display for the entire world to see
NOTE II: Seems, a Sea of The Reich Wing Haters
are about to get ‘sued into the stone age’. These
Are Easily Winnable Cases With Preemptive Walk
Backs, in order 2 avoid. It’s an Admission of guilt

Have A “Safe” Day!


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