We Are Fighting A Pandemic, With Every

thing we have, an Economic crisis In our

(They Were!)

nation & violent domestic terrorism from

a Political Party who Votes to Allow it. It

will Not Stand. Today in the Trial of That

January 6th Terror Attack On Our Nation

Today’s sobering, factual recount & that

is Exactly What it Was; a “recounting” of

the facts, not a trial, not a “presentation”

There’s no actual legal rebuttal to any of

this. Unlike Actual Trials, the Prosecution

has Missing Pieces they must ‘Fill In’. For


this; nothing was missin’. It was visceral,

painful, enraging & Horrific. If my father

was alive today; all his Heart would have

Shattered. Mine, Has. The Country’s Has

We Will Heal. But First Comes The MOST

Important Part; Consequences. The new

footage was Gut-wrenching. Pence, Mitt,

& Others, Were 58ft, from DYING. House

Impeachment Managers, Made It Simply

irrefutable Fact. If R’s vote to “Acquit” It

(What they sow)

dies. If R’s vote to “convict” it dies; the

problem is their Party accepted ‘him’ In

the FIRST place. R’s All “Said” it Would

happen. Now they Are Reaping this ALL

NOTE: Bruce Springsteen Was Arrested For DWI
Was He Driving A Jeep? I Kid. But Seriously how
Does ANYONE With Uber/Etc ever Drive Drunk?!
Full Honesty, He is A Big Hero Of Mine. A legend
RIP: Larry Flint. 1st Amendment Giant. Enjoy, A
Fine 3 Way Forever My Friend. And go for a walk

Have A “Safe” Day!

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