RELIEF, Links & Stinks…

February 5th, 2021

(Said like MLK Speech, as an homage)

COVID relief has passed, COVID relief

Has Passed, Thank God Almighty, this

(Wise Man!)

COVID Relief Passed! About time And

It means Everythin’ to Americans who

were hangin on by a tiny thread. This

was a BIG deal. Speakin’ of a big deal

the FBI/CIA/Clandestine agencies are

ALL ‘Involved’ in “Link Analysis” From

every “Angle” about Jan 6th. And that

means, Republicans are on A board In

those Rooms ALREADY. Let That Fully,

Sink, IN. Whomever: Helped/Aided Or

(Ya Fucked!)

supported the terrorist acts on the 6th

will be Fully Accountable. And you can

bet they know They’re Fucked. That Is

why you Have those who Did This still

going Down With the Ship. No Escape

Now. The, Entire Republican Party, IS

Rotten to The Core. The stench Is just

kicking in, of a bloated corpse in a car

NOTE: Turns Out The Pillow Guy is “Going” To Get
Sued So Badly, he did a 3 Hour Deposition just to
Help ‘Speed Things’ Along. I Kid, but he/OAN/FOX
Are ALL Legally Super Fucked, Here. A ‘Disclaimer’
Doesn’t absolve you from still committin the crime
RIP: The ‘great’ Christopher Plummer, Has Passed
away at the Age Of 91. He’ll always be the Captain

Have A “Safe” Big Game Weekend!


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