The Shit Show & They Done…

February 12th, 2021

COVID is Subsiding; But We have so

much HARD Work yet left to do. And

(We Know)

we don’t fear hard work to fix things

in America. And, while That Is going

well For Us; The Republican Party is

Dying, Right Before Our Eyes. There

WAS no impeachment defense at all

In Fact; it was a Maga “Propaganda”

rally video, ignoring Rulings & Lying

About The 1st Amendment/The Law

They Had NO Defense; Cause there

is NONE. Actually things got So bad


they Were Asking, the House consul

For Information Only they Could get

from orangefuck. It got so bad they

were just insulting the House consul

never Answering one single, fucking,

Question. The House Managers, Did

the one thing that “He” nor his prick

lyin racist stokin fucks Couldn’t stop

the facts, truth & reality itself. They

failed so Badly; Republicans can not


recover. This wasn’t a trial. It was a

a fat Drunk Guy, Face down in a big

ass Boxing ring, face down, with his

hairy “Ass Crack” showing. This has

killed their party; all is Self Inflicted

NOTE: Republican Nikki Haley, Tries To Run
From “him”. She can’t he’s an anchor on all
Of Their Necks. And……They Own, All, Of, IT

Have A “Safe” Weekend Friends!

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