During a pandemic, economic collapse,

joblessness & social injustice……maybe


it’s not the Best Time to be the richest

guy running the company that literally

Owns EVERYTHING. It’s Sorta Bad For

“branding” let’s say. Right?! So, he, is

“steppin down” to rebrand their entire

empire of control; they’ll still do all the

same shit; just with a different face. U

gotta hand It to Them; it takes balls to

try to Rebrand Controllin’ it all. It’s not

(Limp Penis?)

just cause they’re good at it. It is that

they Control is ALL. Sort of a Problem

While Republicans dig in their heels it

is clear Democrats Will Go Alone With

out them If they Keep On Obstructing

what America Citizens Voted For And

want During A History Pandemic. The

relief ‘Promised’; it is Coming! And so

what’s comin to the entire Republican

Party now? Split, Ripping apart and a


time Of Reaping ALL the Hateful Shit

they cultivated For decades. A Letter

just Ended their Entire Party and our

History’ll always Remember; it is ova

NOTE: Brother Frank Biden Tries To Use Brother
Joe’s Name in Marketing For His Law Firm. What
A Terrible, Douche Move. And The WH Said They
disavowed the entire move, not illegal just idiotic

Have A “Safe” Weekend!


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