This was not An “Opening statement”

today. This was House Impeachment

(The Defenders!)

Mangers Laying Out And showing the

facts, fully explained our constitution

the law & reality itself. The “Footage”

was Gutwrenching. It Should be seen

again & again & again just so it never

HAPPENS Again. It’s An Open, & Shut

Case. No Complexities, No Errors And

No Nuance. In fact, Even the defense

if you Can Call it that, knew it. It was

a big Clusterfuck by Castor. He made

(King Turd!)

Lionel Hutz look like a Super Lawyer

And, Schoen was worse. Was It The

Lawfirm of Babbling & Angry?! WTF?

44 Republicans Voted No to Holding

the trial. They, Do, not, fucking care

While Today Is a Victory that Will be

felt for Decades. And the Republican

Party, 44 Of them, are now “lost” to

(<-R’s Support It)

this Nation. They just sided with the

violent Fascist terrorists. There is no

other Way To See It. And So history

is Recording It ALL. Never To Forget

With this, They’ve Ended Their Party

What Comes Out in this Trial will Be

used for the next 10years in every R

election Against them. They will lose

NOTE: COVID Relief, Support, & Plan To Win
Against This Virus Are all just The Demoracts
Alone. So be It. They Can/Will Get This Done
FUNNY: When Your ‘Kid’ Leaves, a Kitty Filter
On your Zoom, And You’re A Lawyer In Court

Have A “Safe” Day!

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