February 4th, 2021

Today the Numbers are Going Down

but the carnage Is still extreme. The

(We can win)

total dead in America Is 465,806 &

we will Never forget this. Ever. This

is Etched In History and our Hearts

break. We will lose more & that will

hurt even More. But, There is Hope

We Are beatin’ this with Mandatory

masks, vaccines & working medical

science as efficiently and correct as

Possible. We’re Winning With, Hard

(Q-razy Crew)

tireless Work. And who is losing it?

Well that’d be an entire Republican

party that is dying before Our Eyes

Kevin “McQarthy” Abdicated All his

leadership. He’s a coward, a Fraud

& Unworthy of any power. There is

NO One In Power Which split them

forever and never Regaining power

In a Historic Vote all the hard right

Liz Cheney Wing Voted Only in The


“Secret Ballot”, Method. They, Are,

ALL Cowards. Every Fuckin’ one of

them. Only lil Chance to save their

Party Is Convict Him in the Senate

Don’t Hold Your Breath. Tick, Tock

NOTE: Murdering Criminal, To Be Re-Arrested
Again For “Violating Bail” Terms. He’s, A Killer
Tomorrow: FBI Link Analysis, Ends Lots Of R’s

Have A “Safe” Day!


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