Johnson’s A Dick, TX Fucked…

February 16th, 2021

While the rest of the rational, real,

World Deals With COVID, & horrid


Economic Strife; Seems all of the

Republicans Can Not stop Putting

their feet in their Mouths. In fact,

its been stuck there Permanently

Ron “Boy I love Terrorist Fascism”

Johnson, decided to be the Latest

R turds spewing hateful lies. They

simply do Not learn. Nor will they

ever. Voters Will Make is So Clear

In fact, R-Chicken Turd Perdue Is


so upset Voters just took his seat

from him; he is Gonna ‘try’ to run

Against Warnock. HA! They Don’t

like you. They Really Really really

don’t like you. Speaking of Voters

Not “Liking” “Republicans”, These

days: Seems ‘Mother Nature’ Just

“Messed With Texas” Yet All their

Elected, Republican Leaders, Quit

on Them. No Power, left the Grid,

(It Came!)

& in isolating gave these citizens

no Fucking chance. They do NOT

like Government, So they all run

To BE in it; To Kill it. That is Like

a Bad Hunter Wearing PETA gear

NOTE: Law Enforcement, Begins The hard
Work of purging Terrorist Extremists from
their ranks. Will not tolerate It ever again
NOTE II: Governor Cuomo, Has Lied Once
Again. Jeeeeez. This Time, Trying To HIDE
COVID Deaths In the elderly Communities
I called him out here years ago sayin’ that
he started an anti-corruption team…which
Really Was, just, Corrupt. Wrong Is Wrong

Have A “Safe” Day!


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