Andrew “I’m Against Corruption” Cuomo might be corrupt

(“I didn’t use this”)

The Democratic governor of New York, “created” this Anti-

Corruption Panel. Part of the creation of it was that it could

even investigate the governors office for corruption. Except

when it actually starts looking at him. He wanted to “Clean

Up Albany” by enacting the “Morland Commission” to seek

out any corruption. Yet, once this new Commission, started

looking at him he basically said, “Ahh, no. You can’t look at

me now. I’m blocking you because…….well I made it so fuck

(“Check please!”)

off”. That is “literally” the dumbest bullshit in the history of

forever. Then, when asked why he was defunding the entire

panel, loser liar asshole said, “to save the tax payers money”

That’s like laying down grade A mega bullshit, then putting

grade AAA bullshit on top of that with a cherry. Let us hope

that he’s not hiding anything here, but as a betting man…..I

would not count on this guy coming out of this “clean”. Just

ask his larger waistlined friend across the lake about all this

Bet they’ll be sharing a cell in the next year. It’ll be cramped

Tomorrow: Facebook for the “Patriots” called Reaganbook
Proving once again, today’s Republican’s are a self-parody

Have a day!

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