It’s March Sadness Time!

March 21st, 2019

(Little tiny Orange hands moving very
quickly side to side and havin’ thumbs
touch with his index finger pointed up)

Hey who do you have in your Brackets

(Boo Hoo)

for being arrested Next?!? I got Don Jr

followed by “Kid Kushner”. I also got a

hunch on The Southern District of NYC

Court winnin’ it all. Most of Vegas Says

It’s A “Lock”. Pun Intended. As Orange

asshole loses the Last of His Tiny Mind

showing he’s clearly terrified of what is

coming ahead…..other more Observant

& stoic historical figures noticed this as


well. John Brennan called Him Out and

it Burns So Badly, there’s No Aloe for it

NOTE: Robert “Handy Job’s” Kraft, ‘Filed’ A Motion
In Court (Does Hand Job Motion) To Not Have Any
Footage, Of His Fucking CRIME Released. Meaning
That’s The Only “Release” He Thinks Would be Bad
Ahem, That Fucking ‘Thing’ is Getting Released NO
matter what’s “ruled”; please see all of the internet
NOTE II: Trump “Terrorist” Pleads GUILTY and he’s
Now in tears pretending his Intent Wasn’t terrorism
Only The BEST People. The Posterboy for Trumpism

Have a day!


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