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MLK, GQP Fray, A New Day…

January 17th, 2022

Today, is “Martin Luther King Day” While we celebrate today, the big (Voting Rights!) goal is to Work All the Other 364 days to make today a celebration Together, We Will Get There, and that is the Historic arch of justice being Met. And as Many Of the R fascist racist hateful idiots all use […]

Welcome To “Wet January” Folks and I Don’t Give two Shits about (Ding ding ding!) it. Feel me?!? And in other news Baltimore’s States Attorney Was Just Indicted Of Perjury & Filing False Mortgage applications. We here Say GooD! She tried to get Her Pension $ ‘Early’ Claiming A “COVID Hardship” Just to Buy 2 […]

Aside From Dealing with COVID & the economy nothing is more vital (No shit!) Than ‘Voting Rights’. In Fact, Most would say Without “Voting Rights” the other Two can’t ever Get Fixed That’s Why the Senate will take up a “Carve Out” for The Filibuster to pass it with a simple majority. Shit McConnell “Got” […]

And now, We have the paper trail by abject moron Republicans that (Busted!) tried 2 overturn the results of the 2020 Election. Imagine The most ignorant Criminal in the world we know…..then make Them 7 billion times Dumber. Pro ‘Orange thing’ teams in at least 5 states all sent “Forged” Documents “created” by Republican’s Trying […]

The Jan 6th Committee Is hard at work collectin’ Evidence and (Speed Up!) securing Every Single Detail of A Violent Terrorist Insurrection And, They’re getting Way more Detailed, & Helpful Information with Each passin’ day. And now Orange Shits, former Press Sec Stephanie Grisham, Is ‘Singing’ (“Ya Fucked!”) like A Canary Spilling ALL New “Names” […]

As we all reflect on one political party In America Just Trying to murder our (Abhor-Rent!) Nation; Comedians Use Creativity, To call Out “Criminal terrorism”. Gooood Colbert’s Writers, & Funny Folks Blew the World away with this gem. And it matters! The Applause, Matters since we are against this together. Yessssss These acts of terrorist […]

Coup, Enough & Consequences…

January 6th, 2022

One year ago today, a violent, racist hateful Group of ‘Terrorists’, Tried To (Never Forget) kill Democracy. They failed. But the lessons here are dire. Orange Thing & ALL who Helped Arrange This Big Terrorist Coup Attempt. And So Joe Biden isn’t fuckin’ around any more He is DONE with The Monsters that committed this […]

With Republican Lunatics Screaming Lies about a voter fraud that never happened (Go away!) ACTUAL Voter fraud did happen & it was by Republicans! Ha! Of course, It’s basic Projection. Always was. See, factually, & statistically, there’s only 0.0003 of Voter fraud in any given election. And it’s been from REPUBLICAN’S. Jeeeeeez, they Will get […]

Idiocracy & Facists Banned…

January 4th, 2022

The 3 R’s are always saying something Insanely Ignorant, Hateful, Or Criming (<-Turd) Ron Johnson, Rogan or Rodger S. Yes they’re not “Long” for their careers, or attention. In Fact Dipshit Ron Johnson is SO against vaccines he said “So we think we Can Create something better than Gwad?”. Jeeeeeeebus. This guy’s A “Lunatic”. Science, […]

Down They Go & Filibluster…

January 3rd, 2022

Ivanka and Donny Jr. Are All now on the Hook as their Fat (Oooooops) immoral criminal dad will be There’s No escape from their “Criming”. Imagine having A Pile Of “Legal Suits” that will circle & eviscerate you. Welp those Are The Consequences for a lifetime O lies, crimes & Hate. Let alone, Ivanka’s Roll […]

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