Idiocracy & Facists Banned…

January 4th, 2022

The 3 R’s are always saying something

Insanely Ignorant, Hateful, Or Criming


Ron Johnson, Rogan or Rodger S. Yes

they’re not “Long” for their careers, or

attention. In Fact Dipshit Ron Johnson

is SO against vaccines he said “So we

think we Can Create something better

than Gwad?”. Jeeeeeeebus. This guy’s

A “Lunatic”. Science, Medical Facts, &

Viral Reality….Are His “Why” Question


These Monsters Play games with lives

& Don’t Give a shit About it. That, has

got to End Now. And in Other news, a

groups of Loud, lying, Hateful fascists

Are Complaining, Other Public Entities

Stopped their Free speech. Ahhhh, no

These Platforms set Up Basic Societal

rules to Engage others. And, they just


couldn’t NOT Be Hateful Assholes And

broke the rules; so bye bye 2 all of ya

NOTE: TX Cop Driving Recklessly out of Control
Runs up The sidewalk instantly killing a 62 year
old Man walking to his barber. The cop was only
25, tryin to Speed to help another Cop who was
trying to apprehend 5 other carjackers. He must
be held accountable for reckless driving & easily
for Vehicular Homicide. This, is Objectively That

Have A “Safe” Day!

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