Welcome To “Wet January” Folks

and I Don’t Give two Shits about

(Ding ding ding!)

it. Feel me?!? And in other news

Baltimore’s States Attorney Was

Just Indicted Of Perjury & Filing

False Mortgage applications. We

here Say GooD! She tried to get

Her Pension $ ‘Early’ Claiming A

“COVID Hardship” Just to Buy 2


Properties In Florida?!?! What a

douche! The power seduced her

Now ‘Pay The Piper’, Lady. NEXT

MLK’s ‘words’ About Voting, Are

even more important these days

“I think the tragedy’s that we have a Congress
with a Senate that has a minority of misguided
senators who will use the Filibuster to keep the
majority of (Minority) People from even Voting.”

Wise words. What will we do to

(Wise man!)

honor them?! Pick off every vote

in the damn Senate to get It law

NOTE: Prince Andrew Is So fucked, he just might Be
One of his victims. Um not even close. He’s a busted
monster, as All with Epstein should be, bust them all

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

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