Coup, Enough & Consequences…

January 6th, 2022

One year ago today, a violent, racist

hateful Group of ‘Terrorists’, Tried To

(Never Forget)

kill Democracy. They failed. But the

lessons here are dire. Orange Thing

& ALL who Helped Arrange This Big

Terrorist Coup Attempt. And So Joe

Biden isn’t fuckin’ around any more

He is DONE with The Monsters that

committed this Horribly violent and

Anti-Democracy Terrorist acts. See,

Aside from Those who have already

faced legal jail, even more Dire shit


& Consequences are all comin’ fast

Hell ya Actually have Peter Navarro

going National TV Openly admitting

to the entire coup plan. Jeeeeeeeez

The consequences for the terrorists

Must Be Swift, Severe, And Historic

For If they are not, Make my words

It WILL Happen Again, And Possibly

Do More Damage / Succeed. COVID


is killin’ off these idiots fast enough

Their legal doom is gonna be worse

NOTE: Former Maga Press Secretary, Just Spilled
The Beans On A Meeting To Formally Oppose the
Orange Thing. She saw 1st Hand a Glee with the
terrorist insurrectionists, Loving all Their Violence
Let us see how how that meetin’ goes. The world
isn’t holding it’s Breath. Look at Who They All are
NOTE II: Alex Jones dire Legal Consequences Are
Hitting Him Harder with each day. He deserves it
all. Every damn $1 Gone, family gone & Likely jail

Have A “Safe” Day!

15 Responses to “Coup, Enough & Consequences…”

  1. John Bolger

    The Republican Terrorist Insurrectionists are ALL fucked now!

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  13. John Bolger

    They are all so legally screwed

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