Spotify is in a lot of trouble

With Legendary Artists and


musicians leavin’ the tunes

“Platform”. Joni Mitchell, is

Gone, Neil Young, ‘Gone’, &

Now “Nils Lofgren”. More’ll

be Leaving by The day as it

does ‘Nothing’ About Rogan

spewing nonsense Lies and

abject Hate they just lost 4

Billion Due to It Ooooooops

Speaking of “Losing”….Most

(“I’m Roe Jogan”)

of Maga World Is “Bonkers”

& reelin’ everyday with the

worst news possible from a

Determined Jan 6th Group

Finding More “Criming”, At

every turn. Shit…..TFG just

‘Openly admitted’ his Coup

Crimes, ‘Admitted’ that He

lost & then Wanted Violent

riots Stoking Racist Fascist

hate; so some Republican’s


are callin’ it out. There will

be dire legal Consequences

NOTE: Fox Noise, “Killing” off all Their Viewers
One Moron At A Time. It’s A rather bold move
RIP: Howard Hessman, Actor, and ‘Funny Man’
Has passed away at the age of 81 what a ride

Have A “Safe” Day!

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