Occupy Wall Street was the people excersing their American rights

They went in peacefully, with conviction, and showed up to say:

(“V” is cool?)

“Hey Wall Street, you’re on notice. No more theft from us!”

Pretty normal stuff considering the Bulls run there daily

While the rest of us are neck deep in water from our houses going under

Two stark differences. But what happened to the protesters?

(The “Policeman’s Carry”)

A dash of pepper, that’s what. But the level & how it was done is shocking

People were pepper sprayed in the face multiple times

But who did the spray-n-dash? Anthony Bologna

I kid you not, that’s his real name


Tony fucking Bologna(ba-loney). The kids at the playground had a field day

“Tony Bologna is a bony crony who owes alimony & rides a phony pony”

Then he pepper sprayed the shit out them until they were all blind


His new nickname is “Blind Justice” or “Huge Douchebag Asshole”

Can’t really decide which one sounds better, but #2 has a ring to it

His new job ironically will be as the pepper waiter for food

(Stupid hippies!)

Naturally you know he’ll end up getting most of it in their eyes

Force of habit. Just sayin’. Have a weekend!

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