Jesus F-ing Tap Dancing Christ…

September 23rd, 2011

Another Republican debate? For reals?

WTF? Is this like a weekly sit-com or something?

(Google “turd collection”)

Let’s start having three a week, why the hell not!

This rich collection of insanity was in full force on prime time

Rick Perry denied he said “Turn Social Security over to the states”

Even though he said “Let the states do it” last year

(It’s a douche off!)

Michelle Bachmann denied saying something she said a week ago

Which was concerning a vaccine for girls she must’ve forget

Mitt Romeny said “Obama chastised our friend Israel”

Turns out, in Obama’s 2009 address to the U.N General Assembly

He by no means ignored the plight of Israelis & scared children

(Is this a f-ing game show?)

This was like some super batshitcrazyinsaneo lie-a-thon

They must have their own atmosphere on planet disco crazy

I can’t wait until the next debate in five seconds

When I find out WWII was fought in Greece

(Natural habitat)

Three of them claim to have invented oxygen

And NASA was actually started in 1776 by Paul Revere

Buckle up Bears VS. Packers! Have a weekend!

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