“Booing” A Gay Solider?!?!

September 26th, 2011

Really? It’s getting pretty ugly out there for normal people

File photo of current Republican audiences at the debates:


What do Republican debate crowds & feeding a fussy baby have in common?

They’re both loud, ignore facts, & offer nothing of substance to digest

You have idiots of epic levels clapping and cheering wildly

When someone suggests policy that other American citizens

Should now be denied equal protection under law after getting it

(Pull the trigger)

It’s like watching a talent show at a mental institution

People cheer a statistic of Texas leading the country in executions

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

When asked “should we just let an uninsured man die?”

People say “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah” & many laugh about it

(Stay classy)

When a gay solider serving in theater asks a question about DADT

People boo him. Then the candidate then answers the question

Basically saying “If elected POTUS yes I’d reinstate DADT”

To overwhelmingly loud cheers and massive applause

(Now he mocks you)

We don’t just have a disconnect in our country

We have normal rational people, and fucking insane people

Disagreeing on policy is one thing. We can all discuss or talk about this

But disagreeing on denying equal protection under law is another

It’s something that isn’t debatable. It’s the fabric of our country


The declaration of Independence stated “All men are created equal”

Either you believe in that basic fairness or you don’t. They don’t

They scream, “Oh yeah, screw stupid equality! It’s for pussies!”?

They’ve now officially changed their name to “The Truck Nutz Party”


And it fits like comfy boxers holding their pride tightly in place

Representing their 3 lonely IQ points

Have a day!

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