Wait, now don’t take that the wrong way, what I meant was…

You know what I meant. Ding dong the irrational doucheness hate is dead

DADT is over, finished, done, kaput, *insert cool sounding word here*

(Damn straight…I mean gay)

Now let the rampant ignorant right wing religious homophobia begin!

*Drum roll*

People who look to deny equal protection under the law

But still call themselves religious or “Christians” is mega ironic

(This baby’s off the charts)

This does give a whole new meaning to some scenes from Top Gun

Slider: “Cover me Goose”

Goose: “I got your back Slider”

Highway to the danger zone indeed

Even the volleyball scene makes a shitload more sense to me


I’m just sayin’…that it’s a great day for equal protection under the law

Have a day!

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