Zero Boehner Control

September 22nd, 2011

Meh, I was going to go with “Boehner Softens”, or “Limp Boehner”

But it felt too on the nose…zing!

(Political “Reflection Picture”)

The Tea Party are running around trying burning it all

Not even understanding then even they’d be out of a job

(Slightly pushed)

Just as we all said and knew they would long before

It’s causing problems for “other” Republicans to govern

The party of “lock step” voting is now seriously fractured

48 Tea Party Republicans bolted on a spending bill

(Great point dipshit)

“He can’t pass this bill with his own members” (D)Gary Peters said of Boehner

“Members in his caucus that are so extreme…they wouldn’t vote for this bill”

Not easy working with extremists is it boys? Now you know how Obama feels


TP’ers throw around words like “Freedom”, “Liberty”, & being a “Patriot”

Which really means “Rich get tax breaks the poor & middle class pay for”

“Shut down the entire government screwing the country”, & “Anarchist”

(I love buttons)

Republican PAC’s created this brand of shit stew, so enjoy eating it…

If you can’t control your Boehner after 4 hours, consult your doctor

Have a day!

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