Look like?!?! Well, the last 13 before

them. Seeeee, this is Simply Partisan

Gowdy Dooy(Derp!)

dumfuckery at its best. This was not

ever about dead merican’s. If it was

we had 46 embassy’s attacked under

W. Bush with “160 Dead Americans”

So McCarthy/FOX & Republicans ALL

Admitted It is a ‘Partisan Shit Circus’

They Already Admitted it is a fishing

trip to Hurt Hillary. So, I don’t really

Care…Since Sanders & Biden Will BE

Troy Gowdy idiot asshole(“Let me lie!”)

the two front Runners. It’s not that I

don’t Want a Woman. I Do, but HER

name’s Elizabeth Warren, not Hillary

They Found NOTHING the last 13, &

there is nothing here. But wait, I was

under the impression we gotta ‘Save’

our government $. Why spend it here

THIS is some Brilliant satire on it all

That is exactly how it would go down

Have a day!

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