A Bullshit Scam Artist…

October 21st, 2015

Decides to scam other sociopath scam artists

on Wall Street. What do really wealthy peeps

sad-rich-man-300x199(“It’s so hard!”)

do when they’re Depressed & feeling Isolated

by society? They go to Clay Cockrell. Yes they

call on a guy who’s last name is penis or prick

What better way to feel better about yourself

than giving away a sliver of their $ to another

‘Scam Artist’/Thief/Crook/Soulless Sociopath/

Chronic Liar. It Is Called “Wealth Therapy”, &

it is all Utter Bullshit. Hell, Let Clay Penis Boy

clay-cockrell1-235x300(Human Anus Clay)

tell you all about this newest Little Scam Shit:

“I shifted toward it naturally. We are trained to
have empathy, no judgment and so many of the
uber wealthy – the 1% of the 1% – they feel that
their problems are really not problems but they
are. A lot of therapists don’t give enough weight
to (ALL) their (Insanely Minuscule non) issues.”

You’d Think They Could Just Get A Little S&M

work up for WAY less. And they will get that 2

Are they victims?!?! FUCK NO. If they can not

“Take it” give the fucking lion share of $ away

But they won’t fucking DO that now will they?

Awwwwwwww hells to the no. This other idiot

named Traeger Muney (So, Who Names These

spoiled fucks?!?!) things wealthy inheritors all

Rich-man-vs.-poor-man-cover(We know)

get a “bad reputation” in the press. Maybe it’s

because they are Almost Always Soulless little

Sociopathic Fucks without a shred of humility,

or humanity for their fellow man. If “Any” are

philanthropists or slightly kind to Society, WE

hear about Them 24-7. Not many though now

are there?!?! Noticing a chronic pattern here?

Webb’s All Spun Out

Democratic presidential hopeful Jim Webb is

OUT. He was really more Republican Lite. He

Webbs jazz fingers(Jazz fingers!)

favored Keeping the Confederate Flag so that

tells you all you need to know about ol Jimmy

Not very Progressive on rational Social Issues

He wasn’t going anywhere, & Never A Serious

threat. His Foreign Policy is Actively Solid but

that is where it Ends. He Wasn’t a “Domestic”

expert. He didn’t really do ANYthing While in

the Senate, aside from his Anti-Iraq positions

Just one man, who’s service and son’s life will

jim-webb-drops-out-of-2016-race“So long!”)

always be respected. But a president that does

not make. Meh the beats goes on like it always

will. And We Watch Sanders And Biden Duke it

out. While Hillary watches on waiting for scraps

NOTE: Joe Biden Not Running For POTUS Now

Have a day!

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