Now, Trump Gets Ugly…

October 27th, 2015

Well the “Ugly” is Starting to bubble up

in “Bigot Boy Trump Land”. So let’s add

Trump Toilet Paper(Best use!)

“Assault” to what campaign events offer

Ariel Rojas, a “Pro-Immigration Activist”

was dragged out of a Trump stop by his

collar on the ground, and kicked as rally

Goers all Cheered, “USA! USA! USA!!!!!”

This is so very Chilling, & it Terrifies me

This is Fascism, period. And this is their

old “‘Merica” they Want back. Jackboots

Protesters getting dragged(Holy shit!)

on the neck of anyone they “deem” to be

the “Other”. They all don’t Honor or care

About ANY Amendments Except The 2nd

This is SERIOUSLY Horrific Shit That Will

escalate out of control. No, no, no, & NO

That’s not How this Goes Down. The Man

that “Assaulted Ariel” Should Be Arrested

yesterday!!! We as a society will not ever

tolerate this abuse of the 1st Amendment

Trump_Skinhead racist(Asshole Racist)

mixed with assault while fascists cheered

Reap what you sowed Racist Republicans

When your crops are rotten, Uneatable &

unacceptable you can all stew in your shit

As America moves far past your racist BS

(And Trump is Losing to Herman Cain II,
Not That it Matters, as they’ll both LOSE)

NOTE: Roid Rage Cop ‘Slams’ Student In
An “Insanely Irrational”; Fit Of “Violence”
NOTE II: Wisconsins Big Bigoted Jeweler
Racially ‘Profiles’ A Big Black NBA Center

Have a day!

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