Debate Douchebaggery…

October 29th, 2015

The Republican debate can be summed up

in Three words: “Substancefree Shit Show”

Trump thumb up ass(“Right up ur ass!”)

Sure there were Fireworks between Trump

and everyone. He actually did make a good

point to the CNBC host about the time of it

& that he negotiated for the shorter Debate

Jeb Bush Got Bitch Slapped By Rubio, & So

the two establishment candidates that were

clear were: Kaisch & Rubio. The three most

irrelevant who all had terrible debates were:

Rubio pointing agressively(Microphone Finger!)

Paul, Fuckabee And Bush. Carly & Ben were

neither hot nor cold. The main problem they

all have is “Substance-free Banter” that falls

flat in the face of facts/reality. At some point

they will be on stage with a Democrat, & get

ripped to shreds on the facts & actual Policy

We do know this: It is a 4 Person Race right

now: Carson, Trumpy, Rubio And Kaisch. So

Christie yelling hands(“Notice ME!”)

Buckle up for next Fact-Free Shit Show Soon

My guess is, the Comedy will be just as Great

NOTE: Mike Tyson, Who I Love, Endorses
Trump For President. Proving Once Again,
When You Get Hit Too Many Times, & Bite
Off Too Many Ears, You’ll Only Love Crazy

Have a day!

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