Biden Will “Jump” In…

October 19th, 2015

On the Democratic side of this wacky

primary season. Now, Joey will jump

Joe Biden(Heeeeere’s Joey!)

in the Race this Week, so look out for

that news. It means The Options now

go from “Bernie” to that now massive

distant 2nd, Hillary. At 1st blush, you

now get Joe Biden steppin’ inbetween

Sanders, & Hillary to Occupy That big

space. And why?!?! Well because they

want to give ya all the Flavors, in This

“Corporate Run media” joke. Everyone

knows, Sanders so Has ALL The Policy

Positions of 96% of national Democrats

real_eyes_realize_real_lies(We know!)

LOVE that all poll off the charts. BUT,

does that matter to ALL the shit show

producers? Ah, naw. They are like the

Old Pro Wrestling Writers. All They do

is look for Conflict, to distract us idiots

NOTE: Bears Lost In Heartbreaker &
Bad Officiating During All The Game
NOTE II: The Cubs Are ‘Down’ 0-2 &
Ready To Bounce Back At Wrigley?!?

Have a day!

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