So what is Benghazi? It was a horrific attack on

our US Embassy by “Radical Violent Theocrats”

benghazi_gate_simpsons(TeaOP BS Lies!)

trying to make us go away. What does the Right

want it to be?!? Oh, a political tool to Bludgeon

Clinton with no sense of reality, facts, or shame

As you read me Here, I’m no Hillary fan by any

stretch. But this Partisan Tax $ Wasting Lunacy

MUST STOP. We Already Had ’20 Panels!’. They

(This Circus is the 21st, with more yet to come)

ALL Found No wrong Doing, No Problems, & No

Intentional/Malicious Errors, In ANY Judgement

Benghazi-Hearing(Remember this?!?)

But if “facts” & “reality” really mattered to those

Republicans; they’d be Independents or morally

clean Democrats. It’s Not About Benghazi. They

ALREADY TOLD US THAT. So then What is it all

about?!?! One word; Distraction. They all know

they can’t compete in the arena of ideas. They’ll

all ALWAYS lose there. The goal?!?!? Beat down

the good people so badly a sociopath seems like

a decent option. NO, NO, NO, stick to the issues

Troy Gowdy(“But…Benghazi!!!”)

& they all drop like Singles on a Strippers Stage

The reason they shout Benghazi so loudly’s just

because they have nothing else politically policy

wise 2 offer any Americans….except the top 1%,

racists, & corporations. If you’re not in those, &

voting Republican; you may as well be a Hooker

against protection from STD’s, a Lawyer Who is

bad at Law or a Skydiver who Hates parachutes

It is the Projection Every Libertarian Republican

shocked2(“The truth?!?!”)

fears. Leaders use Government for political hate

& personal reasons, and Abusing all their power

The Sociopaths are evil, pure hate, & dangerous

NOTE: Good Season Cubs But You Got Swept
Hard. We Saw Cubby Moments Of Old With A
Botched Catch, Divin’ For Uncatchable Balls &
Making Fundamental Mistakes. Until They ‘Fix’
Those Expect A Solid Team That’ll Always Lose

Have a day!

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