They almost always come from the far right

wing element of society. Be it Christians, or

KKK Republicans(Moderate Republicans)

Islam, or Any Other Racist Fundamentalist

Republicans today. And now…the Southern

Base, of The Entire Republican Party, is the

KKK. And so they protested against an MLK

statue on government property while saying

“We’re no longer in a time where peacefully
waving a flag’s gonna get a message across.
Only by hard action by those of us today will
secure a (Whites Only) future for tomorrow.”

The biggest irony of it all is they think THEY

weren’t/aren’t the Traitors who Violated our

US Constitution by seceding & starting a war

Racist irony(Yes it does)

This isn’t “free speech”. Last I checked that

didn’t include: Incitement, treason, sedition,

and Threatenin’ Acts of Domestic Terrorism

Guess in today’s Republican Party they’d all

be called “moderates” as opposed to others

Sorry fellas it is not Halloween 24/7. If you

want Your Little “Domestic Terrorism Party”

lose the hoods. Step into the sunlight fucks

You won’t get the “permit” without showing

All Your Faces. YOU Must OWN YOUR HATE

Racist pissed himself(<-Note the pissed pants)

And Remember, I Thought that Confederate

Flag wasn’t about racism? Bullllllllllllllllllllshit

NOTE: The TeaOP Will “Likely” Pick Their
New “Speaker O The Nuts” In The House
Same Old Face: Paul “Mitt & I Lost” Ryan
He Will Be, The ‘Disaster’ They All Expect

Have a day!

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