Yesterday, the leader of the Free World, touted a new

“test” for COVID19. And he displayed it, upside-down


In today’s Press Conference. Trump looked Lost, out

matched by the stark reality of death & Incapable of

Answering Basic Questions. The Podium went Empty

with the Press ‘Clamoring’ for Dr. Fauci pr Dr. Birx to

Answer all these Hard life/Death questions. Trump is

UNABLE to do this. The Death Toll might be between

100,000-240,000 Americans. These Are “Very” Dark

days Ahead for the Next 2 Weeks. Follow all of CDC’s

rules. Keep Social Distancing. Then When Trump Did

(No shit)

speak, he Tried to Blame States for being “late” to a

response to This Virus. You have Got to Be FUCKING

kidding me. He’s an immoral monster, Nothing more

NOTE: The H1N1 Flu Pandemic Killed 12,469 Americans Back In
2009. That was the most In this Country since 1969. This is bad
NOTE II: Governor JB Pritzker extends the “Stay-at-home” order
Until April 30th. This, Should Account To Cut The “Curve” Saving
Countless Lives. Any Life Lost Is Unacceptable. This Will Be Hard

Have a “safe” day!


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