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The entire economy’s so fucked, the DOW crashed 3,000 points. The 2nd ‘largest drop’ in our History (We Know) And Rump Thinks he has a 10 out of 10 ratin with his “Handling” Of this “Pandemic”. He also tried to claim “Nobody knew how Bad this Was”. That’d be a Big Lie. EVERYONE Knew About […]

Everythin’ is Cancelled. Including our country at this point in time with Orange Assclown burning it to the (“Derp!”) fucking ground. Tan Penis Face took to TV last night to Show The Entire WORLD He knows FAR less than nothing about This Pandemic. He Also said “Oh fuck, I got a penmark on me” rather […]

Bernie’s “Run”, is Done. But make no mistake here HIS “policies” are HERE TO STAY in the progressive (“I Tried!”) Democratic Party from Now on. And Now it’s up to every voting Democratic Party Member, to All Join up against the most unfit, immoral, criminally Evil, racist Presidents To Preside Over this Great Nation Speaking […]

No Blog Today…

March 10th, 2020

Due to “coronavirus” COVID2019, AND a TON of other “Show Writing” I’m Doing at this very (We know) moment; I have nothin for today. You can all watch this horrible news in UK/Scotland or in North America. This, While Bad Will Have the entire World trying to combat it. And yet, WE have No one […]

This isn’t a fuckin’ game. It’s as deadly serious as is sounds. The DOW “plummeted” by 2,019 (DOWN!) points today. The worst day Since 2008 when it collapsed with the Global Recession. And so we have 0 leadership, no true path forward & No Hope In Sight. Speaking of “No hope”, We Have Italy, CLOSING […]

Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the race, well, actually her “Delegate count” pushed her (Endorse Bernie) out of the race. It’s a 2 horserace at this point Between Bernie, And Biden. The BB’s Are Now shooting to get Under The Skin. ZING! Yeah it was a dumb Joke. Speaking of Death Virus’s & the […]

The lines were too long, the voter turnout was THRU the Roof, the Outcome was really Just A (Pooper Tuesday!) Drawish. While Biden Has the “Clear lead”, he did need A Clean sweep of Texas AND Cali. He got Texas but just by 5 points. Bernie won Cali by 9 Points. Bloomturd Dropped out. And […]

With 1,344 delegates up for grabs in the 2020 Democratic Super Tuesday; everyone’s Voting (Yes it does) AND watching. You Can follow along here, so thank Me Later. The World Is Watching Every single vote, return & our response 2 this with everything At Stake. I will predict this, Bernie Will Win With California & […]

Mayor, Pete. Gone. Amy Klobuchar. Gone Now we’re down 2 the big 3: Sanders, Joe (Bring it!) Biden & Warren. Bloomberg isn’t Winnin’ ANYTHING At This Point. And, Right Now Bernie is up BIG in California AND Texas Which means, most others don’t have an actual ‘Path’ to the Nomination right now And ‘tomorrow’ ONLY […]

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