Bernie’s “Run”, is Done. But make no mistake here

HIS “policies” are HERE TO STAY in the progressive

(“I Tried!”)

Democratic Party from Now on. And Now it’s up to

every voting Democratic Party Member, to All Join

up against the most unfit, immoral, criminally Evil,

racist Presidents To Preside Over this Great Nation

Speaking Of “Freaking The Fuck Out” We’re not all

there just yet. But Getting VERY Close. This MUST

Be Monitored With Precision, Diligence, Science, &

proactive intellect. So, We Fucked. Everything’s all

getting “Cancelled”. Sports, Parades, and even my

own Wedding. In fairness…..I Actually did that one

(“You’re Dead!”)

The problem Here is not this “Pandemic”. It IS the

clear lack Of leadership DURING it. So Far Orange

Asshole, Has Made A ‘Difficult’ Problem, WAY WAY

WAY Worse. Yes, & That’s About all he can do now

Be smart, Take Precautions, learn, listen and react

NOTE: PepsiCo, Buys Rock Star Energy Drink For A Massive
$3.9 Billion. Wow, that’s a LOT of new caffeinated tweakers

Have a day!


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