Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the race,

well, actually her “Delegate count” pushed her

(Endorse Bernie)

out of the race. It’s a 2 horserace at this point

Between Bernie, And Biden. The BB’s Are Now

shooting to get Under The Skin. ZING! Yeah it

was a dumb Joke. Speaking of Death Virus’s &

the morons who enable them; Orange Asshole

keeps on Lying, Saying insane Shit & no one is

even Paying Attention to him Anymore. In fact

he is SO irrelevant no one is listening to all his

insanity anymore. He doesn’t ‘believe’ facts or

science/reality. Which Makes a lot of nonsense

(Hey dumbass!)

The world is Falling Apart and we have a Child

Sociopath Racist Asshole Denying reality Itself

Have a day!


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