This isn’t a fuckin’ game. It’s as deadly serious

as is sounds. The DOW “plummeted” by 2,019


points today. The worst day Since 2008 when

it collapsed with the Global Recession. And so

we have 0 leadership, no true path forward &

No Hope In Sight. Speaking of “No hope”, We

Have Italy, CLOSING Down Until April 3rd. Ya

read That “Correctly”. When do Countries just

sorta “Close down”?!? When There are Things

called Unchecked “Pandemics”. The DOW Hell

was due 2 an Oil War between Russia and the


Saudis. Along with COVID2019 being another

major reason. When we need science, leaders,

and factual “Plans” to Combat a global chaotic

crisis…we get a fat, Orange, Immoral slug who

has no Clue about what he/his Fraudster finks

supporting him have done here. And now they

are asked to LEAD But Are Quarantining Them

selves after bein’ Exposed to the virus at CPAC

(All wrong)

They Aren’t leaders, they’re all insane cowards

FAILING the American People daily; Disgusting

RIP: Max Von Sydow Has Died. We Was A Great Actor, A
Star & Film Icon. He Died at 90 Years Old. What a big life

Have a day!


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