With 1,344 delegates up for grabs in the 2020

Democratic Super Tuesday; everyone’s Voting

(Yes it does)

AND watching. You Can follow along here, so

thank Me Later. The World Is Watching Every

single vote, return & our response 2 this with

everything At Stake. I will predict this, Bernie

Will Win With California & Texas. BUT Biden’s

taking a lot of the rust belt. That said, no one

will have Enough after tonight, meaning we’ll

have A “Brokered” Convention. It Means they

will ALL get behind the best nominee once all

(We Know)

together At the Convention. It’s “High Drama”

My $’s on the B Boys; Bernie and Biden as Vp

Between Tornado’s and Coronavirus stupidity

we sadly have Death tolls rising. This is a very

disgustingly Wrong thing. Tornado’s you can’t

stop. Only ‘Prepare’, Seek proper Shelter & be

pre-warned about It. Where as this SO deadly

Coronavirus could have been funded correctly

(Idiot Supreme)

and we already had everything in place to just

protect us. Trump/Republicans took it all away

Have a day!


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