The lines were too long, the voter turnout was

THRU the Roof, the Outcome was really Just A

(Pooper Tuesday!)

Drawish. While Biden Has the “Clear lead”, he

did need A Clean sweep of Texas AND Cali. He

got Texas but just by 5 points. Bernie won Cali

by 9 Points. Bloomturd Dropped out. And now

Warren has a tough decision to make. And she

also has an “endorsement” to give. Pssssssssst

it’s going to Sanders. And you just watch Joe’s

got Mo, But Bernie’s got the Youth and Women

with Warren “Endorsing” Him. Biden Might Just

(Member those days)

“run” out of gas. Either way a B-N-B ticket will

WIN. They MUST Make Sure There’s A Seat At

the table for Warren (Sec of Treasury) and it is

a go. Also Throw in “Something” for Pete, Amy,

Harris & u just united the party for generations

to come. Justice Roberts’s a “Rubber Stamp” 4

Trump As Of ‘Now’. He is Not Only A Hypocrite;

he’s a partisan prop unable 2 honestly call balls

& strikes. That’s a pretty disgusting thing to see

NOTE: Coronavirus Is Still Deadly With 11 Dead And
Sadly Rising. This is Fucking INSANE it’s Deadly Shit

Have a day!


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