Our entire Globe Is dealing with this Horrible Pandemic

And make No Mistakes the Effects of this could have all


Been BLUNTED With Enacting These CDC Rules Before

it got to 3 weeks ago. We have no sittin president right

now. NONE. He ‘Uses’ these Press C0nferences to spew

hate, Abuse Reporters just doin their jobs trying to just

bring facts about Deaths, Supplies, Reality & Lies about

his poor reaction to the virus/ventilators. We’re now the

largest Country will the MOST cases by a landslide. This

is where we sadly stand today. The Hope is to break the

“Curve” Within THIS Week. It’s Possible, But, No Thanks

to Trumps INACTION Where we Lost Valuable Time. The

(<-Racist Addict)

lesson here; lying Fraud Conmen Reality TV jokes aren’t

remotely capable of much needed leadership in any dire

time. While FOX lies At historic levels, reality is now the

most “Damning” Thing against them. This Immoral lying

puddle Of Syphilitic Piss is A Sociopathic Monster who is

unfit to Run a Dilapidated boarded up Denny’s. He had a

known racist lying conman ex-drug addict asshole Pillow

Guy speak to us about about this crisis. We’re rudderless

NOTE: FOX’s Jeanine Pirro decides to play Messy Haired Drunk
Host Or What We Call; “Every Show!”. Who Watches This Shit?
NOTE II: Biden Ad Destroy’s Trump and Exposes All of His Lies

Have a day!


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