As the “Adults” in the room begin to take charge Both

at the local and State Level; we finally have some BIG


movement in Congressional Senate Relief. We Are at

a “Deal” That Will Inject $ Into MAIN STREET finally!

This Stimulus Package Is mostly all for workers/folks

out of work To “Deal” with this real Ground level pain

Yes, there are Specific things for Wall Street, actually

for the Airline Industry who’s getting Killed right now

Orange Ignoramus Tried Spewing, That “Things” Will

be going to ‘Normal’ by “Easter”. No they won’t. This

will be at least the End Of April, then coming out of it

IF We Started Testing & CDC Quarantine Measures It

(Enabling Criminals)

Would’ve Been Around A “Month” of Shelter In Place

Instead, We Will have Around TWO Months of it. We

could’ve Cut it in Half by reacting when we HAD time

But we didn’t have leadership, we had A “loud, racist

child” Screaming Political Games when this is Clearly

a MEDICAL issue. It’s gotten SO bad, Media’s cutting

away From Trumps “Overtly Insane Propaganda Lies”

You’re Witnessing An Utter Lunatic detached from all

reality. Guess what, ya can’t Bully or out lie a “Virus”

NOTE: Right Wing Republican “Politicians”, Are Asking For Older
People To Accept “Killing Themselves” For The Economy. WTF?!
They Aren’t A Political Party Anymore. They A Fascist Theocracy

Have a day!


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