We have Just Overtook China for the most COVID19 cases

No credible Media Outlet is “Covering” Trumps Propaganda


Rally’s anymore which is just the beginning in dealing with

this crisis. This is a crisis & make no mistake about it here

That’s just a start. As the rest of the country deals with the

stark reality of this pandemic; we know it gets bad but this

will end. Only together, with Adults and Everyone Banning

TOGETHER to Understand and Combat the severity of this

Political Games/Propaganda Won’t Address the Virus. This

simply will, Not, STAND. The Abject Failure of Trump & all

those Around him have made This ‘Horror’ WAY FUCKING

WORSE. We have insane lying immoral fuckers going on tv

(We Know)

& social media DAILY to “spread” lies. This will never stand

Yet with ALL of this, know there is Hope. Always Hope, and

when the Amazing Citizens of this country are tested, we all

always past the test. We’ll do, inspite of trump not because

We were TWO months after “extensive testing” should have

occurred at EVERY level to contain this. That’s unforgivable

NOTE: Alex Jones LOST His Case. He Will, Lose Many Many Many
More. This Is BEFORE, He Even Faces the Jury. You Read That so
Right. He Is DONE. How He Every Got this Far, Is Past Disturbing
Happy Birthday: To Nancy Pelosi Turning 80. Be Strong dear lady

Have a “safe” day!


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