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The pandemic is increasing at the worst time People Are both Contracting & dying at a rate (Do Nothing) Unseen. We must Get this Under control and NOW! And Biden’s team, being hampered by the Orange Anus Doing their Best to Actually BLOCK a Transition, During A Pandemic and with a “Failed” Economy. It Makes […]


November 12th, 2020

COVID Is Running rampant throughout our Entire Country. It Is ‘Spiking’ Every (Killed Us) where. This is deadly serious shit and it is terrifying. What does bunker boy and Republican’s Want to do to stop it?!?!?! Oh, NOTHING. In Fact, they are playin’ deadly Treasonous Games by “Denying” that Biden / Harris Were “Duly” Elected […]

Veterans Day, Fascism & COVID…

November 11th, 2020

Today, we Thank those who selflessly decide To Serve & Protect Our Nation (Thank you!) My dad John W. Bolger, brother Dan, his son/my nephew Philip are vets as well. We must all honor them by now defending/Fighting for Them. What a day. And, While We Honor those Who fight for Us, We have ONE […]

While we’re dealin’ with a full blown pandemic And A “Newly Elected” Biden/Harris Transition (Let’s do it!) that’s intentionally being stalled by an orange Asshole…we have a spineless republican party Playing VERY Dangerous, Fascist Games Right now. Pence, Pompeo, Blunt & more are All in the Process of Spewing Hate About how Biden Isn’t really […]

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris are The 46th President & Vice President of The United States. And it Was (Bingo!) not even CLOSE. We The people, Of These United States have spoken. GTFO! And what are the vast majority of Republican’s Doing?!? Pretending that Biden/Harris Didn’t Win the Election. Oooooooops This Will Drive Up GA’s […]

Avengers Assembled, End Game…

November 6th, 2020

Joe R Biden is The 46th President of the United States. He Was Declared the Out (We Did it!) right winner after taking PA by Decision Desk HQ. The Media has not Called this yet, because they want ad revenue and solely want The Horse Race. Math’s just math, it’s Over. He Won PA (it […]

Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States. He’ll Win PA tonight (We Won This) or Tomorrow at the latest. And how so Fitting, the Birthplace of Democracy Is the state that did It. Brian Sims broke it Down (He’ll Win By 100-150k Votes) The “Republicans/tRump”, Can All Say Nothing. There’s No […]

Boy was I off. WAY off. There was no big “landslide”. In fact, it will most likely end (Bye Bye!) up 300+ after all’s said & done. He Will take PA & Maybe Even GA, Moving It up We’ll Have 46th President of the United states Confirmed Tomorrow/Tonight As we call AZ, NV. They will […]

V-Day, Election Night, VOTE!

November 3rd, 2020

It’s finally here. It’s been FOUR long, ugly hateful years where HE did all the Talking (OUR Turn!) Today, WE speak back with a voice that’s So ‘Loud’, It Sends The Entire Republican party into ‘Darkness’, Not to Return. This Nation Has Serious Problems To Tackle & we have A ‘LOT’ of Work To Do. […]

Stranded, One Day & VOTE!

November 2nd, 2020

During this pandemic 236,902 citizens Have DIED, Due To COVID In America (<-Killer) And tRump/Republicans Response Is?! So What!?!? Tomorrow, we the people get to send them packing. And in what can only Be Called, A Perfect Metaphor for the Entire Rump years, he left folks Out Stranded, AGAIN. When You ‘Play’ stupid “Games”, You […]

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