The pandemic is increasing at the worst time

People Are both Contracting & dying at a rate

(Do Nothing)

Unseen. We must Get this Under control and

NOW! And Biden’s team, being hampered by

the Orange Anus Doing their Best to Actually

BLOCK a Transition, During A Pandemic and

with a “Failed” Economy. It Makes the blood

boil! While Secret Service Has gotten COVID

at rates untold due to this criminal. He did a

“PR Stunt” Today, For the 1st Time since He

LOST. No One Cares. Our entire Country has

moved On From Him/His Lunatic Followers &

(Bye Bye!)

it’s about FUCKING TIME. We did it, Breathe

His legal Problems are just beginning. Ha ha

NOTE: Over 24 High End Legal Experts From The DOJ
Push Back, Against Bill Barr’s Illegal Order. Oooooops

Have a “Safe” Weekend!

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