Veterans Day, Fascism & COVID…

November 11th, 2020

Today, we Thank those who selflessly

decide To Serve & Protect Our Nation

(Thank you!)

My dad John W. Bolger, brother Dan,

his son/my nephew Philip are vets as

well. We must all honor them by now

defending/Fighting for Them. What a

day. And, While We Honor those Who

fight for Us, We have ONE big, fatass

Orange Baby, ‘Fighting’, AGAINST All

of us. It refuses to Concede Which is

so Intentionally ‘Hindering’ A Smooth

transition Of Power. This Is ‘Immoral’,

(Bye Bye)

callow, Hateful, Shallow & it is illegal

Yes, you read That right. Illegal. See,

Fuck-Stick Has NOTHING to Do with

It. The GSA does. And Emily Murphy

is in a legal nightmare in obstructing

this process. She will be ‘forced’ to in

short order violating H-Equity In the

Assistance Being ‘Partisan’ (Page 12)

All of this as we reach massive Covid

(Crippled Us)

cases Breaking out Everywhere. This

must get under Control; we can do it

NOTE: The ACA Legally Might Be Here To Stay
justice Roberts & Kavanaugh see it as standing
They don’t see the Courts role as striking down
Laws That Have Already Been Fixed Ooooooops

Have A “Safe” Day!


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