While we’re dealin’ with a full blown pandemic

And A “Newly Elected” Biden/Harris Transition

(Let’s do it!)

that’s intentionally being stalled by an orange

Asshole…we have a spineless republican party

Playing VERY Dangerous, Fascist Games Right

now. Pence, Pompeo, Blunt & more are All in

the Process of Spewing Hate About how Biden

Isn’t really Elected & preparin for tRumps 2nd

term. Utterly batshitcrazy stuff, it’s dangerous

Fascist crap. And lots of new position shifts in

DOD Positions with “Farther right” Hate views

WTF?!?!? 1st Esper Is fired, Now More Volatile


Fraud “Puppets” Are Inserted. This Has never

ever been done in our nations history NEVER

This is “immoral” Dangerous treasonous stuff

here. And most ALL Republicans are aiding &

abetting Him. That’s it. There’s no Republican

party anymore. Their Dead, over, Done. Only

Trump Hate Remains. And, That Dies January

20th. Make No ‘Mistakes’ Here, There Will, be

Prison For these Criminal Treasonous Actions

This isn’t Some Game folks. It is Deadly stuff

NOTE: GSA Emily Murphy Has Broken The Law. In Fact,
She Is Violating The Presidential Transition Act, Of 1963
Specifically Section H-Equity In Assistance. Oooops. Jail

Have A “Safe” Day!

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