November 12th, 2020

COVID Is Running rampant throughout

our Entire Country. It Is ‘Spiking’ Every

(Killed Us)

where. This is deadly serious shit and it

is terrifying. What does bunker boy and

Republican’s Want to do to stop it?!?!?!

Oh, NOTHING. In Fact, they are playin’

deadly Treasonous Games by “Denying”

that Biden / Harris Were “Duly” Elected

President and Vice president. They just

Killed Their Entire Party. They Chose A

Racist Fascist Over Democracy. There’s

nothing any of them Can ever say or do

(So Long!)

to change these facts & will Never Win

another ‘National Election’, Ever Again

In Fact, With Them Killing their Voters

they might not ever win congress ever

again. 2022, 2024, 2026, 2028 should

be the downward spiral. There is not A

Republican Party Anymore. The Trump

Killed it. And they All Rolled over. Just

Think Of EVERY Election Or Race From

now until the end of time running clips

(Bye Bye!)

of them choosing him over our country

When Karl Rove tells Ya, you are Gone

NOTE: Illinois Now Must Quarantine Again To
Only go out for Necessary things. Ugh, this is
Gutwrenching our fellow American’s are dying
we Must do Whatever We Must…..And We Will
NOTE II: Only ONE Republican, States They’ll
step in If Biden Isn’t getting Intel Briefings By
Friday. We Shall See. Because, Fuckstick Said
“Regardless of the outcome of the election”. U
Can Take Your Anti-Democracy BS & Shove IT

Have A “Safe” Day!

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