We are all dealing with the most deadly &

murderous pandemic in our Lifetimes and


it’s terrifying. And, Now we have Election

officials doing Election Fraud In The open

Forget they can’t legally do this nor have

any right too; it’s still voter fraud/treason

Make no mistake, tRump called Palmer &

interfered in his own election ooops more

jail time Coming for sure. The entire GOP

is against democracy & are ALL on record

now. They are all ‘Directly’ Doing Election

fraud tryin to overturn votes of the people

Doesn’t work that way. They can’t. And, if

(<-Shit Show)

you want to see how things are goin’ you

need look no Further than Rudy’s ‘Brown’

hair dripping shit show today. People will

get disbarred arrested & lives ended over

This Criminal Election Fraud, Shit. Clearly

his head was Filled with too much bullshit

NOTE: Tyson Factory Has Planet Managers, Betting
On How Many Employees, Would Catch COVID And
laughed as 1,000 CAUGHT it & 5 died. They will All
be prosecuted 2 the fullest extent of the law; angry

Have A “Safe” Day!

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