We have lost 265, 800 lives In this country

We Must Get this Under Control & We Must

(No More)

save As MANY lives As Possible. That is All

that matters most. And finally the GSA did

Her JOB, Beginning The Transition. Forget

her Letter is Kleenex, She’s Still in Trouble

In fact legal trouble is Haunting every one

In “Trumpland”. DeJoy, Barr, Graham, his

daughter & literally every damn republican

sitting in DC/this country today Who loved

/supported Everything He Did. There is NO

Escaping That “Stain”/ Record/History Now


Cause Objectively From A Political Science

perspective; it’s now GOP VS MAGA and it

ends them rather quickly. See now they’re

actively seekin to take down the Fox news

Republicans. Conservative ‘Billionaires’, All

used Media To MAKE This Monster and it’s

about to Tear them All Apart By “Splitting”

their Votes/Stay at Home With Anger And

Apathy. They Scored, A, Pyrrhic Victory In

(He Gone)

2016. That Killed Them but they Just don’t

SEE it quite yet; they sure will & deserve it

Everyone Around it’ll Suffer Non-stop For it

NOTE: Biden/Harris’s SOS Shares His Story Of America
And it’s Historically Worth Noting This Magic. Thank you

Have A “Safe” Day!


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