Traitors, COVID & The Collapse…

November 25th, 2020

While we have all the presidents Chumps

playing: “Dress Up PR Talking Head”, the

(Team Bonkers)

actual World Has Moved on. Biden is our

46th President. And, Rudy’s Crew Are all

in dire Legal Jeopardy with these ‘Stunts’

See, they Already Tried the Screw voting

Lies IN COURT & Were “Thrown out”. So,

now they Are playing around in the court

of Public opinion. The Problem with It?!?!

Well they can get Disbarred for it. Yes ya

read That “Correctly”. All, As we just Lost

268,000 Lives To COVID. We Will, “Sadly”

(Made Worse)

lose MANY More Over The Next 6 Weeks

Don’t Do Usual Turkey Day, Events. This

Would “KILL people” You ‘Claim’ To Love

This is a serious as it gets and as orange

Anus Just ‘Pardoned’ Traitor Felon Flynn

we are now Witnessing the total Collapse

of The Republican Party. The SOS Of GA

voted 4 Asshole. Then he Wondered why

he/his family were thrown under the bus

Ahem, that’s like sheep voting for a Wolf

(<-No MORE)

then asking out loud “why are they eatin

me?”. FOX will hemorrhage viewers to a

slew of abject Racist propaganda fantasy

outlets Peddling BS Like OAN / Newsmax

That rift, splits and keeps R Voters home

NOTE: And Now, The Legal Justice Bill Comes Due
Manafort Is “Going Down”, Again. And Watch With
Each passing day how ALL these criminals go down

Have A “Safe” Day!


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